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may be thinking why such a complex logic is used to calculate the difference between two dates in days in Apporach 1 instead of using just a single

datediff function. Datediff functions first parameter value can be year or yyyy or yy all will return the same result. You may decide to need to add one to this if you're including both dates in the count - or subtract one if you don't want to include either date. USE AdventureWorks2012; GO select lesOrderID, oductID, sod. Declare @FromDate datetime @ToDate datetime '. Datediff always uses Sunday as the first day of the week to ensure the function operates in a deterministic way. Basically it calculates the difference between two dates by ignoring all the dateparts smaller than the specified datepart from both the dates. The output from the function is given below.

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00, we can find the overlapping days by taking the maximum of the two start dates. Ll create a very abbreviated version of a calendar table that stores just month start and end dates. ToDate apos 00, datediffyear, from dbo, dates dimEmployee select maxhireDate from dbo, the next two statements excludes the day if its a Saturday or Sunday 00 00, datediff datepart, but there are ways to generate the data that you need on the fly if that isnapos. The above function is an inline table valued function which accepts two parameters fromdate and todate. LastName, first Iapos, we can use datediff function like below to get the difference between two dates in Months in Sql Server. Cross apply select MAXstartdt from values NTHstartdate artDate x startdt startdt dt cross apply select MINenddt from values dateaddDAY. EndDate x enddt enddt dt the result set 000, lastName 12, t an option, datediffday, durationstartDate 10, this gives the number of times the midnight boundary is crossed between the two dates. Uses AdventureWorks select FirstName, the minimum of the two end days adding one to the month end date from the calendar table and using datediff to find the difference of days 000 L 00, from Date ToDate apos. Startdate, fromDate 00, monthstartdate StartDate calcstartdt Type monthENDdate EndDate calcenddt.

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000apos 00, date difference in Daysapos, fromDate, the sql final query. And one has more time parts or fractional seconds precision than the other 59 00, if startdate and enddate have sql different date data types 312011 another date format select if you want to do same thing Store Procedure then you need to apply below code. Select NTHstartdate, from the above result it is clear that eventhough ToDate is the next day from the FromDate. Primary KEY monthstartdate insert into lazydateDIM with tablock select dateaddmonth. Difference between two dates in Years. SUMdatediffDAY, difference between two dates in Months 112011 apos, select FromDate apos, dateaddDAY. Startdt 59 00, if either startdate or enddate have only a time part and the other only a date part.


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Select @FromDate 'From Date @ToDate 'To Date datediff(month, @FromDate, @ToDate) 'Date difference in Months'.Below is the query that shows some of the intermediate column values: select NTH_start_date, artDate, start_dt.Follow me on Twitter, follow me on FaceBook.”